**** Apollo Zapp ****

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Check this out! It’s Sunlover Records’ Promo-Video for the “Italo Disco is Back!” Compilation!!! In it: Hula Hoop!

‘Apollo Zapp feat Reo –┬áHula Hoop!’ on “Sunlover Records Compilation Vol.1 – Italo Disco is Back!”

‘Gently with a Chainsaw’ on the “Gonzo Golden Globes”

‘The Spit on the Dance Floor (Tape Edit)’ on Retro Promenade’s Vox Populi Vol.1

‘Sexbot3000’s Blues’ as a secret Bonus Track on the second “80s Dream Tape” by New Retro Wave


‘Abruzzo Hills’ on “Outrun Europa”

‘Foggy’s Plume’ on New Retro Wave’s first “The 80s Dream Compilation Tape”